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special foods for special people

What is the Settimocielo project

It is a project focused on researches and production of innovative dehydrated foods for daily use and for special situations. The Settimocielo project was born in 2009.

Who we are

The Settimocielo project is currently handled by “Settimocielo” and “L'orizzonte” two farms working in the cultivation and processing of organic fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs.

Where we are

The Settimocielo and L'orizzonte farms are located in the North Italy mountains at Camerata Cornello, a small historical village in the Brembana valley.

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T.R.A. and T.R.L.

The TRA (Technology Readiness Assessment) and the TRL (Technology Readiness Level) for the already available dehydrated Settimocielo products are at level 9.

Active projects

We are purchasing new process equipments and we started a project  to purchase and restore historic buildings to accommodate laboratories, workspaces and lodging.

Available products

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Elevator pitch

The project explained in few seconds.


Project summary.

Special foods

Our special foods and where are used.
We are looking for investors to expand our production and to study new particular products.


What we did and what we have to do.
We need investors to expand the process facilities and to purchase new advanced drying equipments.


Where we are located and what we want to do.
We are looking for investors also for this big part of the project.

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The cornerstones of the Settimocielo project.

2008 – January – Settimocielo farm startup
2009 – February – purchase of the land
2009 – May – laid the first stone
2009 – August – early orchards plant
2010 – April – beginning of first batch of buildings
2010 – June – first harvests
2010 – August – early experiments on dried products
2011 – June – agreement with the University of Milan
2012 – January – organic certification for all products
2014 – December – end of construction of first production facility
2015 – January – end of construction of first habitation
2015 – June – new dehydrated products line for the Italian market
2016 – March – L'orizzonte farm startup
2017 – February – crowdfunding campaign for drying equipments
2017 – May – new tourists and information initiatives
2018 – May (expected) – executive project for new business steps






settimocielo project - team - Martina
settimocielo project - team - Nicola
settimocielo project - team - Alberto